“Pull up a seat, grab yer ale, an’ let ol’ Kroop spin ye a tale. The Shackles be full of tales, aye. Go ta any tavern an ye’ll hear about mighty sea beasts, storms ta scare the gods, treasures beyond compare. Ye’ll hear of men and women who dared death, an’ those who stared down the Stormking himself. But there be one that stands above the rest.

It be the tale of a band of misfits, shoved together by misdeed, and bonded by fate. A tale of piracy, freedom, high adventure; a tale of thieves who rose ta rule the Shackles, an’ stand against an evil the likes a’which Golarion’s not seen in 10,000 years an’ will like not see for 10,000 more. Tis the tale of The Unshackled, and her crew that would forever go down in legend. LIke all good stories this’un begins with a girl…"

Welcome to The Pathfinder Chronicles: The Legacy of Threxus.

Legacy of Threxus is an ongoing campaign set on Golarion in the Pathfinder Universe. While utilizing the canon setting, it has and will continue to veer from the history being built by Paizo as any good long term campaign should.

Legacy is played exclusively online using Roll20, Herolab, and Mumble.

Skull and Shackles – the characters of Legacy have traveled from Absalom to Osirian, and now to the isles of the Shackles. They are going through a loose interpretation of the Skull & Shackles adventure path that has been heavily mixed with some homebrew to lay the ground work for their long term story. You’ll find some things in this campaign are familiar if you know Skull & Shackles, and others not so much.

Thanks for taking time to look in on our little section of Pathfinder, and we hope you enjoy.

Pathfinder Chronicles: Legacy of Threxus

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