Draegoren Lionsbane

The First-Mate of the Unshackled


Draegoren Lionsbane is a charming, loyal, and greedy career criminal. The man is always trying to tell fanciful stories, flirt with beautiful women, or take whatever is in the pockets of someone he does not know. Having spent years running with a semi-successful gang of pickpockets and thieves on the streets of Absalom, his new life as a pirate has been fairly successful.

Despite his greed, however, very little can trump the handsome bastard’s desire to help and protect his friends and his crew. Draegoren can and will easily give away whatever riches he needs to to ensure the life and happiness of those he works with and cares for.

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Penelope Lionsbane: Mother, 48 years old. Penelope is the owner of a rather decent shop in Absalom named “Rosewood Imports”. Having once been a small-time adventurer, she happily buys off the curios and artifacts that various Adventurers bring her, selling them to collectors or keeping them herself if she chooses. She maintains a very happy personality, making anyone who enters her shop feel immediately welcome.

Captain Merril Tantry: Father, 50 years old. Draegoren never saw his father all that much, as he was typically out sailing. Draegoren /believed/ his father to be a man named Frederick Lionsbane, who sailed aboard a cargo ship called the “Rosewood”… however recent events have revealed to the man his father’s true, Free Captain, status.

Connor Lionsbane: Eldest Brother, 29 years old. Connor was the first born of Penelope and Merril. A handsome, strong man, he works one of the various Absalom forges. Although he has yet to find a wife of his own, the man is still very much an eligible, if not somewhat sought after, bachelor.

Rue Lionsbane: Younger sister, 20 years old. Rue has easily taken after her mother. Being an almost picture-perfect replicate as far as looks go, the young woman has decided to assist her mother and eventually take over Rosewood Imports herself.

Truls (Grubbern) Lionsbane: Adopted Half-Orc Brother, 21 Years old. While the rest of the family tries to become better merchants or businessmen, Truls has greater aspirations. Seeking to become a Paladin of Iomedae, the Half-Orc trains day and night to become a better warrior, attending church every single day he can.


Draegoren used to be quite the small child. Having been thin as a rail growing up and perhaps a bit meek, it was only because of his best friend Rolda that he probably survived with his confidence intact. Watching the woman stand up for him again and again, Draegoren eventually learned that fighting wasn’t the only way he could be useful…

Eventually learning how to outwit his opponents either through lies, threats, or deals, Rolda and Draegoren became one of the best pairings in Absalom, especially after the “Leo’s”, a small-time gang, picked the latter up.

While Rolda left for a career in the military, Draegoren honed his skills as a fast-talker and as a thief. Learning how to pick locks, disarm and rearm traps, how to be silent, and eventually how to use a blade… Draegoren could have possibly one day become a very well known name as a criminal in Absalom.

But then… she walked into his life…

Draegoren Lionsbane

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