Ferox Storm Walker

Nature loving Ratfolk druid


Who is Ferox?

Ferox is a young nature loving druid of the Ratfolk.

He carries a spear that could be mistaken for a staff, he wears tattered robes with oddly shaped pockets in the weirdest of places, a necklace made of seashells, a small snake is coiled around his neck and there is a lizard on his shoulder…or in one of his pockets – it depends on the time of day really. If he carries gold, it is likely to come as a surprise to him as he sees little use for such.

His brown fur, big curious eyes and an aura of innocence is what one would first notice about this little guy. Although recent adventures have indeed left him less of the later, it is still very much there. Don’t think him weak, his magic is powerful and it can be expressed in the most peculiar – and deadly – ways.



ferox_drawing.jpgWe first meet Ferox when he’s seen wandering down the busy streets of Absalom, leaving behind an unusual trail of leaves. He weaves skillfully in and out of the crowd, and he doesn’t seem to think that he stands out in any way, and merely goes about his business…which most days seem to consists of helping animals in need and somehow making trees magically grow wherever he sees fit. He has yet to succeed with the later.

The large sewage system in Absalom is where he and his kin live, and even though he does seem to spend the majority of his time above ground, make no mistake, his family and other Ratfolk means everything to him.

Being a friend of Rolda who in turn was a friend of Draegoren (all their fault) is what got him started down an unlikely path of thievery, which then led him and his friends to the exotic land of Osirion on a mission from The Pathfinders Society.

…And as unlikely as it may sound, that somehow brings us to today where he and his friends are now trying to make a name for themselves as pirates.

He never meant for any of this to happen. Truly.

Ferox Storm Walker

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