Fetchling spellcaster disconnected from reality.


A somewhat mysterious and strange member of the crew, Renza has marked herself as a bit of an oddity from her first introduction with the rest of the party. Little is known about the young woman, including the details of her rather rare species. Despite spending a good amount of time with the crew by this point in their familiarity, she is still a mystery and has yet to make any real, meaningful contacts amongst the crew or her fellow adventurers. Keeping to herself after each adventure, she remains a strange little spot of mystery aboard an otherwise smoothly operating vessel. Dabbling in shadows and fear even though she has no outward malice to her, Renza’s motives are difficult to discern. If she has any to begin with.

Recently though the Voices of Her Gods that have always been there in her life have gone silent and spells and orisons she’s known by heart have changed into something unfamiliar and chaotic. Already seen as a bit ‘strange’ by those that know her, it’s uncertain how this new and drastic change in her life will effect her, or her ties with the crew of The Unshackled.


Encountered at Rickety Squibs, Renza is an oracle and a Kayal — a shadow planar more commonly known as a ‘Fetchling’ — with strange dedications who seems to enjoy speaking to herself (or to walls) when left to her own devices. Given to strange hallucinations and visions, she is very quick to accidentally alienate herself from whatever crew she happens to be part of when people are inevitably turned off by either her strange appearance or even stranger mannerisms.

Nothing is known about her history, her family or even how she came to be on the island where she was encountered, searching for a ride to somewhere else. Either way, she doesn’t ask many questions and doesn’t seem particularly concerned about where she ends up or what the crew does, as long as she has a bunk on the ship to return to.



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