Big. Strong. Clumsy.



Rolda, standing at just 5’5, is a fearsome woman who hates backing down from a fight, and she has the combat skills honed from military experience to back that up. However, the monster within is far more terrifying to those who are stupid or stubborn enough to darken her path. Rolda has the ability to turn into a wereshark at will, and along with her great sword which she expertly welds in battle, she is a formidable adversary.

She is almost cavalier and undisciplined when it comes to schedules or rules, often preferring a simpler, quicker resolution to things than the tedium of routine or formality. However she doesn’t like to let those she’s with down when push comes to shove.

Due to her choice of heavy, sturdy armor clanking and clacking, as well as the awkward straps and weight, she can be seemingly clumsy at times.

When ship side or in cities, she often stays in her human form, unless near superhuman strength is needed, or if suddenly attacked as navigating ship holds or narrow crowded streets becomes difficult due to her size as a wereshark. However when venturing out into the wilderness or exploring enemy or unknown territory, she prefers to be in shark form, sword at the ready, just in case.



Rolda started out her adult life in the military, with the typical youthful quest for adventure, fortune, and glory. However, the disobedient but loyal woman wasn’t a great fit with the rank and file soldiers and left after her enlistment ended. Unable to find work, she took up thievery. When working for a gang, she wound up often finding work with Draegoren Lionsbane, and the two formed a friendship.

One night, Draegoren got himself into a bit of trouble working what was supposed to be a simple grab and go job. A bit of trouble, meaning a date with a hangman’s noose at dawn. Rolda, not one to leave a friend in need, took it upon herself to seek out a mutual acquaintance, Ferrox of the Rat Folk, to assist her.

Ferrox and Rolda were able to, surprisingly easily, rescue their friend. The trio then decided to press their luck further and attempt a heist, only to be caught in the act. They were sentenced to serve the city watch as penance for their crime under the watchful eye of Sergeant Chanakra …

The adventure continues!


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