Pathfinder Chronicles: Legacy of Threxus

Shore Leave

Didn’t you just leave?

Severing the Chains

For whom the bell tolls
Aggressive negotiations
Mine your own business
The only one’s we’ve got…
Draegoren’s Eleven…minus four

Rum Punched in Lilywhite

Drink up me hearties, yo ho
Rat Race
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere
Turning Point

The Skull of Threxus

Race Against Time
Jungle Fever
The Forgotten Temple
Threxus Unleashed

A Holiday at Rickety's

A squibbing we will go
Here there be wasps
Once bitten
The Unshackled

The Wormwood Mutiny

A pirate’s life for me
We’re devils and black sheep, really bad eggs
We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot
Yo Ho, Yo Ho

Peril in Port Peril

Across the Sea

Old Friends

The Artifact

The Best Rum Ever

City of the Dead

The Lottery

Tomb Raiders

That Old Haunt

The Last Draw

Absalom Nights


So, as I said, it all began with a woman. Now mind ye, I was’nae there. When all this was happenin’ old Kroop was already aboard the Wormwood with Cap’n Harrigan, living in his own special sorta rum fueled hell. So all I tell ye about the early days of the crew might be taken with a grain o’salt, mostly because they came from the mouth o’Dragoren. I like the lad, but ye just never know when he’s tellin’ a truth or a tale, or more often than nae a truth full o’tale.

Oh, right…the lass.

8a482c26174f89fa6c5d66bad0021701.jpgThe way Draegoren tells it this lass was perfection on Golarion. Tall, golden blonde hair that flowed as if it were in a constant breeze, deep blue eyes, perfect skin, bouncy in all the right’ she was an elf. That was Kesla. She walked into Draegoren’s life and he fell for her fast and hard. Nae’only was she beautiful, but smart and funny, and she had a mischievous streak ta match Draegoren’s own.

Without gettin’ inta all the naughty bits, Draegoren an’ Kesla became fast “friends” an’ it were’nt long afore she was pullin’ jobs with his crew. Fer weeks this went on, an’ with Kesla’s smarts this crew that were once lucky ta’ pick pocket enough ta get by for a week, was knee deep in coin. Up until then they’d gone mostly un-noticed by the Absalom watch…oh, did I ferget that part? All this was happenin’ in Absalom, greatest city in the world. So, being such a big, busy place the watch took little mind of small time theivery, but when Draegoren’s scams grew, the watch turned it’s eye ta findin’ him. Fer Draegoren and company that just put more oil ta the fire! Now every job was a thrill, and with each one they pulled off they got more bold. It were the best time of their lives with no end in site.

That’s when Kesla pointed them toward the ultimate score. A Chellaxian Galleon had docked in Absalom ta resupply, an’ give her crew some shore time, afore heading westward ta home. The Asmodean Fist had been south for just over three years exploring in the name of the empire. Kesla had it on good authority that there were treasures aboard that galleon the likes of which they’d never see again, an’ with most of the crew ashore it’d be easy ta sneak aboard and take what they could carry. They’d be set fer life. Now…anyone else woulda backed out at this point. No one in their right mind steals from Chelliax…but this was Draegoren.

la-rochelle_00350132.jpg Gettin’ aboard the Fist would prove to be no problem. Draegoren, Kesla, and crew made their way ta the ship’s vault, deftly sneakin’ past crew an’ the few marines left aboard. They set ta bypassin’ the traps an’ advanced locks on the vault door with the help of some magic Kesla had brought along. When the vault opened, it was beyond their dreams. Wall ta wall chests, art, artifacts. Dragoren turned ta kiss Kesla in victory, but she was gone. Surprised, he told his men ta start grabbin’ what they could, an ’ he went ta find his love. That’s when the alarm went up. They did’nae have time ta flee, afore a dozen marines were on them. The Cap’n was called, words were had, threats were made, and the Watch was summoned. Chellaxian’s arent known for their leniency, but this cap’n knew he needed ta keep the peace with the Watch if’n he wanted ta finish his time out in port. He begrudgingly handed Draegoren an’ crew over, not realizing that the mastermind o’the whole thing had already made her escape. As Drae were marched ta a cell ta await trial, he caught sight o’that blonde hair and devilish smile. Kesla had escaped, his heart raised, but then fell hard and fast as she blew him a kiss and gave him a “so sorry” look before vanishing into the crowd.

The rest o’the day was a blur. The next thing Drae knew, he was in a cell. Days passed while he waited fer trial. He overheard the Watch officers saying he was ta be hanged for certain. Apparently they thought he’d somehow managed ta steal and hide some book that was important to the Chellaxian Cap’n. Drae knew in his gut that he’d been played. Kesla…

Nearly a week o’bad food, and an annoyed female dwarf as a neighbor, had Drae ready to get out. He hadn’t quite figured a plan, when the solution presented itself. Rolda an’ Ferox showed up, broke inta the Watch sector house an’ freed Draegoren an’ his new dwarven friend. The Draegoren luck had worked out again. Rolda hadn’t been able ta go on the Galleon raid on account o’ a bad bit of fish she’d had tha’ night afore. It’d taken her a few days ta find the house Drae was in, an convince her good friend Ferox ta help free him.

That cell had given Drae time ta think. He was right furious with Kesla, but could’nae blame her. He might of done the same under the right circumstances. He’d resolved ta let it go fer the time being, an’not be fueled by the need fer revenge. Instead, he was sure he’d see her again, an when he did he’d kiss her…then kill her.

A soft bed, warm food, an’ a good ale did wonders fer Drae’s mood. He already had a plan fer how ta get the money they needed ta spring the rest of the crew, an’ be set fer life. All he needed ta do was convince Rolda and Ferox ta raid a mansion with him.

The Big Score


The way she tells it, Rolda has no idea how they ended up at that mansion. Draegoren has this irritatin’ way of talkin’ people inta things; not so much through a good convincin’ mind ye, but more through a whirlwind o’words that leave ye confounded and agreein’ ta whatever hairbrained scheme he might have. The long and the short o’it is that Draegoren, Rolda, and Ferox ended up breakin’ into this huge mansion for Drae’s big score. The grounds did’nae prove a problem fer them, as the guards were few and far. After makin’ their way down ta the vault, Drae worked his ways an’got it open. Thar it was, the haul he’d been after fer all his days. Afore his first finger could touch it, the watch was on ‘em. They never did figure out how tha guards knew they were there. I’m thinkin’ some kind o’magic alarm system, ‘specially knownin what I know now about who tha place belonged ta. No I’m not gonna tell ye that just yet, it’d spoil the rest o’the story.

Law and Order

Two days, three cells, an’ four gavel bangs later found Drae, Rolda, an’ Ferox sentenced ta’ serve the Absalom City Watch fer a year an’ a day. Ta make sure tha sentence was carried out, each were geased ta the watch an’ placed under the watchful eye of Sergeant Chanakra. Aye, ye heard me right. Our fearsome Cap’n of the Unshackled, Pirate of tha’ Fever Sea were once a member o’the Absalom Watch. Absalom_symbol.jpg

I’ll not bore ye with the ins an’ outs o’trainin, and daily patrols. Suffice ta’ say that our future pirates were less than happy with their current circumstances, well most o’them. Ferox seemed just fine, as usual. In fact, he was hopin’ that this turn o’events would maybe serve ta help his friends see a better way o’life. Always the optimistic one.

Tha next weeks saw ‘em deal with smugglers, common theives, an’ a mad kobold king that aimed ta’ take over tha Absalom underworld – literally an’ figuratively. But just as they were settlin’ in ta their new lives, fate dealt ‘em another blow. Ya’ see, it turns out that the mansion they’d tried ta steal from belong ta none other than Hameesh Al Azrad.


Aye, I’ll let that sink in fer a moment…THAT Hameesh Al Azrad. Being tha man that he is, of the station that he holds, Al Azrad were able ta get our heroes sentence changed ever so slightly. Their geas were changed ta tie them ta the Pathfinders, instead o’ the watch. Still needin’ ta make sure they carried out their sentence, the good Sergeant Chanakra was sent along with them. One conversation with Al Azrad later an’ they all found themselves on a southward boat, bound fer Osirion.



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